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Feels Like Something's Gonna Happen This Year

(Telling Lies)

23 September 1980
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I like coffee. I speak ridiculously broken Spanish and my German is worse. I used to smoke cigarettes and eat a lot of chocolate, but I now satisfy those urges by practicing my spontaneous combustion skills in line at the bank. I'm not a fan of people, but some persons are OK. Cats are evil, and so I have 2 of them.

Support love.

Sometimes, perhaps more often than is healthy, my mind slips away into a detached dimension of presumed reality and dares to disrupt the programming that folks have built careers on perfecting in me so that I may one day contribute to the commercial value of our so called civilization. Here, someone may be a silent (or vocal...) witness to my flights of fancy, for if one day I happen to stumble upon truth, I will need someone to lock the door behind me.....

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I can finally say I do not crave cigarettes anymore. November 14/07.

I've come to the unfortunate conclusion that cigarettes are like an old, destructive lover that you go back to when things get rough. After losing someone very close to me, on August 6, 2008, I started smoking again. It was the dumbest thing I could have done, and I am determined to make this pack my last. I know I can do it, and I will. November 17/08.

I am a believer in BALANCE.

My beliefs are eclectic at best, contradictory at worst. I respect and feel a spiritual kinship with anyone sincerely seeking truth and/or anyone who has the goal of leaving their little part of the world better than it was when they arrived. I claim no religion but I am also not an atheist. I believe in 100% equal rights for all and for everyone to be free to live as they want, so long as they are not harming others.

::My Communities::

i did not create this community, and my being one of the mods was the end result of OMG LJ DRAMA. i know people from there visit the mods' profiles, so let me make it easy for you. anyone with a bitch or complaint, see this post. thank you. anyone who wants unmoderated, unfiltered debates, come on over!!

my personal favorite, as i am such a music fanatic! all musical discussion is welcome, but we tend to focus on good ol' rock n' roll.

genealogy buffs, unite! we will also search out long lost (yeah, my comm names are blandly straightforward, so what?) friends, old lovers you wonder about, etc.


a religious debate community, not for the faint of heart.

Giving credit where credit is due!

-A lot of my icons were made by other users. I always credit in the keywords, but I have a few that I have no idea who to give credit to. If you see one of yours, tell me and I will either delete it or give props!-

-I also make a lot of my own icons, particularly music and pin-up related. Everyone and anyone is welcome to use my icons, but credit is appreciated.-

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